What is Moringa?

The most nutrient dense plant in the world, as ranked and classified by the World Vegetable Center.

Who Are We?

Over the last 15 years we’ve worked alongside Moringa producers across the globe in order to develop and ensure harvests under ethical and sustainable conditions.

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Moringa & Limoncello Tiramisu
Recipe by our collaborators at Quindici Paris

Ingredients for the tiramisu:
500g of mascarpone
5 eggs
100g of sugar
8g of Pure Moringa Powder
1 packet of pavesini biscuits (sponge cookies, graham crackers, or similar)

Ingredients for the limoncello syrup:
50cl of water
250g sugar
The zest of a large lemon
4cl of a good quality limoncello 


Boil the 50cl of water with the 250g of sugar, and half of the shredded lemon zest until reaching a heated syrup consistency. Once the mixture cools, add in the limoncello. Keep stored for use at a later step.

Prepare the mascarpone cream:
Crack the eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolks in two separate bowls. Whisk the yolks with the sugar, then add in the mascarpone. Continue to whisk until a homogenous consistency is reached. Keep refrigerated.

Beating the egg whites until fluffy but firm:
Very delicately mix the two preparations so as to not break the egg whites. Delicately add in the Pure Moringa Powder. Mix well until reaching a smooth and creamy texture with a beautiful, green color! Add in the rest of the lemon zest. Keep refrigerated for 5 minutes (the time it will take to clean and prepare for the next step). Line them up side by side, vertical to the rectangular dish being used.

Creating the tiramisu:
Spread a thin layer of the mascarpone cream at the bottom of a rectangular dish (about 30 x 20 x 10 cm). Soak the biscuits or cookies one by one in the limoncello syrup. (Pay close attention! The biscuits should be moist but not wet and soggy). Cover with a layer that is thicker than the first, of the mascarpone cream. Repeat these steps until you have 3 layers of biscuits. Finish by topping it off and spreading a thick, final layer of the mascarpone cream. With a screen or mesh cloth, lightly dust the Moringa Powder onto the finished tiramisu.
Refrigerate overnight.