What is Moringa?

The most nutrient dense plant in the world, as ranked and classified by the World Vegetable Center.

Who Are We?

Over the last 15 years we’ve worked alongside Moringa producers across the globe in order to develop and ensure harvests under ethical and sustainable conditions.


Conceived from the imagination of Moringa&Co. and birthed by the chocolatier Rrraw, the GreenCao truffle (made with raw chocolate and moringa) is the perfect superfood combination— sure to please!

Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this concentration of essential nutrients is raw, vegan, gluten-free, and organic.

The natural aromas explode on the palate as the chlorophylle (green vertus) of moringa meet the pure intensity and tannic nature of the raw cacao.

Indulgence without a guilty conscience is made a reality with these exclusive products hand selected by Moringa&Co. and Rrraw for their nutritional, ethical, and aromatic excellence.

Orders can be made in the « Cook Moringa » section of our website!